Make Your Posts Stand Out instead of BORING?


We all love FB.  (Well most of us…)

But what I don’t like (and maybe you too)
is how you don’t really have that much
control over how your posts on FB look.

You’d think by now with FB being a rival
to Google, that they’d at least figured
out that people want to make amazing
looking posts, stories, and ads without
that crappy background they give you.

Thankfully, SociJam has arrived:

SociJam has basically taken FB posts
and given it a serious makeover like
the fairy god-mother did for Cinderella.

In other words, your FB posts can
draw attention like the sexy models
walking the runway at the FB fashion

(Both male and female models by the way –
SociJam is an equal opportunity engagement

Here’s just a snippet of what SociJam is

all about when it comes to creating
engaging eye popping posts, stories, and
ads on FB:


  • Add bold, italics, underlines, emojis
    and more!
  • Copy/paste simplicity
  • Works on all major browsers and
  • Tap into massive potential you have
    been ignoring
  • Boost engagement on your posts in
  • Works in posts, featured posts,
    comments, groups and even Facebook
  • 100% Facebook compliant
  • Unlimited posts, ads, or comments
  • Visually entice your visitors to take
  • Nothing to install or host, all done in
    the cloud
  • No designing or coding skills required
  • 100% newbie friendly


Listen, isn’t it time we bring the sexy back
to our FB posts? (Actually, it never was there
to begin with, but I digress…)

And that’s what SociJam will do.

Consider it your wingman (or wingwoman)
for hooking you up and getting you noticed by
the right people and prospects in your

But all without being a super annoying
third wheel.

See it in action here:

Have a fantastic WEEKEND