SENukeTNG Is Broken…


Hey hey

I’ve had a lot of questions today about the fact that SENukeTNG is being launched today and I said “Dont buy it, get SEO AutoPilot instead“.

Jeez, cat amongst the pigeons or what.

Yes, software can still work and yes I do use software still.

I use it for:

  • Ranking videos
  • Ranking press releases
  • Ranking Web 2’s
  • Ranking Citations
  • Ranking in the Snack pack for local
  • Ranking Amazon and eBay pages
  • Pillow links to new affiliate sites (slowly)

If you do any of the above or any type of web property building from local, ecom to affiliate marketing SEO AutoPilot can help you.

It uses really high quality sites that you use as your T1 links…

The video below shows how I use it with a little SEO tip that if you pick up on it will help your rankings no end from now until quite a while into the future – it’s so simple you may miss it. Believe me 😉

Here’s that video

There’s also 20% coupons that you can use on that page. 

I also discuss success rates for account creation and posting – enable images to see the below comparisons


All the best for now, I think the SEO flood gates are open at the moment whilst Google is trying to keep up with the FUTURE…