They’re offering WHAT for a one-time fee? 

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Recently, ALL major browsers shut down the auto-playing of videos.

This means fewer people see your videos and this obviously means less leads and sales for all businesses.

However, when something drastic like this happens the market always adapts.

So, over the past few months you might have seen a lot of videos that loop while muted (no sound) or that have text over them saying “TAP for sound” or “TAP to unmute”.

Sounds familiar, right?

BUT these solutions were just introduced by premium video hosting services.

You know, the kinds where you need to pay per month.

…and on top of that, you’re bound to a tiny non-customizable ‘tap to unmute’ badge in the top right of your video.

So it was a step in the right direction but it’s EXPENSIVE and NOT ideal by any means for actually getting more views.

I’m not ranting for no reason!

I’m ranting to tell you about something that has come along to solve this issue (finally)!

It’s called ‘Playboost’ and it just went live (use my link in this email for $70 off).

Not just does Playboost provide you with a drag ‘n drop editor to create a FULLY customizable animated thumbnail (to capture attention of visitors and provide them with a strong tap-to-gainaccess)

…they do it for a one-time fee!

This means you gain to save up $99 every single month (or $1,200 per year)!

==> YES, I’M IN! 

Not just do you gain all the above for a one-time fee, but you gain to boost your views:

-WITHOUT re-uploading your video (they integrate with NOCOST video services and paid ones such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidello and Amazon s3).

-WITHOUT re-editing your video to include tap-to-actions.

-WITHOUT being ‘locked’ into one video player.

-WITHOUT paying monthly.

-WITHOUT being bound to one tiny badge in the top right of your video.

If you’re ready to take advantage of a REAL boost in your video views (new or old videos) – without shelling out every single month – then playboost sounds like it’s something ur biz requires.

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